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The easiest and most convenient tool to monitor changes to websites.

Features Overview

Some of the features that will blow your mind
Responsive Layout

Hourly Checks

Unlike some providers, our default check period is one hour, so you can be notified sooner.

Retina Graphics

Visual Checks

We give you the visual difference of changes, so you can see the difference.

Powerful Performance

Go Premium

Sign up to our premium plan and enjoy benefits like SMS alerting and more included checks.

Responsive Layout

Implicit Anonymity

Don't let your competitors know you're watching.

Retina Graphics

Flexible Reporting

Give your boss an awesome overview of the work you've done. Reports generated for you.

Powerful Performance

Customizable Alerting

Don't need that e-mail on every change? No worries, get weekly digests of your changes.


Get more for your money


  • 1 Visual Check
  • 3 Code Checks
  • 0 SMS Alerts
  • 1 Change Record
  • No Support


  • 3 Visual Checks
  • 10 Code Checks
  • 5 SMS Alerts
  • 5 Change Records
  • E-mail Support


  • 15 Visual Checks
  • 50 Code Checks
  • 25 SMS Alerts
  • 25 Change Records
  • E-mail Support

Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered a wide range of questions for your convenience

Q. What is Page Peeper and how does it work?

Page Peeper is a service that notifies you when changes to websites are made. Simply paste the URL of the website you want to monitor into your dashboard and tell us whether you would like to see visual changes and/or code changes. When we detect a change, we'll notify you by e-mail and/or SMS message.

Still confused? Drop us a line and we'd be happy to explain it a bit more.

Q. What can I use it for?

Anything you want. Here are some examples:

- Competitive website and activities
- Pricing and special offers changes
- Job offers from the best companies
- Google search rankings
- Newsfeeds and alerts
- Changes in government regulations and legislations
- New documentation from insurance and financial companies
- General automation purposes

Q. Should I feel guilty about monitoring these websites?

Absolutely not.

First of all, our system can only monitor public pages and there is nothing wrong about automating the cumbersome monitoring task to a computer.

Second, for those of you that are a bit competitive in nature, it is a healthy habit to watch what is going on around you.

Q. What are my payment options?

Page Peeper accepts most major credit cards. The Payment is done through Paypal® or Stripe®.

We will continue to use your preferred payment method until you cancel your subscription.

For your protection, we encrypt your connection and purchase details so that your information is safe and secure. No information will be stored.